…And that’s just five staff members!

There are few places on earth with a level of service so revered as that found at Kuda Huraa: it’s a culture of teamwork, caring and belonging, strengthened by a core of more than 30 members of staff who have been with the property for 20 years or longer.  Many of these Huraa Heroes recall amazing stories of decades of island life – including being part of the team that first cleared the land before construction work started back in 1997; a personal touch in the most literal sense of the word!

Below we shine a spotlight on just five of these exceptional doyens of service. To these and all of the many other Huraa Heroes, we salute you.

Ibrahim Rasheed, Assistant Housekeeping Manager 

“I first joined Kuda Huraa in November 1996 and my earliest memory is of our first staff party, which had a live band. Having the staff staying and playing together in the Resort has always resulted in very good relations among all the employees. This is what makes Kuda Huraa culture so special: we are like a small family, living and having fun together. 

We all take it upon ourselves to offer guests that special touch, but the key to our success is offering that same level of support and help to our fellow colleagues too. I love the fact that if anyone wants to do something special either for guests or staff, so many people will pull together to make it happen.

The trust we have between colleagues within our team is one of the things I feel most proud of in my life – along with the day my wife delivered our baby girl and I became a father. I actually have two families and I am proud to be a part of both of them.”

Mohamed Adam (Bodey) – Boat Crew

“I first joined the Kuda Huraa team in 1996 before construction started, taking care of all the heavy load vehicles and patrolling the island.

Over the years, we have had to handle a lot as a team, but our service has always been ongoing and constant. We give our maximum to make sure all our guests depart with a smile on their face and in good spirits. I do whatever I can to make things better for our guests, like finding unusual marine life to show them when we are out on a trip.

I am very proud to have been working for so long in a world-class hotel, and to help the management team run a smooth operation, from taking care of the guests to helping develop younger members of staff. I would like to thank the management team and colleagues over the past 20 years for their outstanding support.”

Ahmed ‘Mujey’ Mujthaba – Front Office Attendant 

“After more than 20 years at Kuda Huraa, I don’t feel like I’m working here anymore; it feels like home. We are a small island and we all work together so closely.

My team mates inspire me every day; when everyone is trying to do their best it creates a culture that runs through the whole island.  And rather than waiting for things to be done or for someone to ask to do it I take the initiative and do it first.  In return, I think my colleagues look up to me as an older brother and I use my experience to bring the team closer and strengthen the bond between us.

I am very happy to work for Four Seasons and wish the company many more prosperous years to come.”

Hassan Didi, F&B Captain (Sunset Lounge)

“Teamwork inspires me. When you are behind the bar you always have to be aware of how your guests may be feeling and if there are any steps you can take to constantly make sure they are all right.

In some places there is no talking, no laughing, the guest just orders. I like to make guests smile, ask about them, their preferences, perhaps make them something special and see how happy that makes them. It’s simple really!

I love it when repeat guests come back – year after year. We talk, we become friends, they have good memories of the drinks I have made them and I’m excited to see them again. In fact, I have had so many great managers and great guests at Kuda Huraa that in 20 years of being here, there has never been a time when I haven’t been happy.”

Ibrahim Nazeer – Dive & Recreation Manager

“I started at Kuda Huraa in 1994 in Landscaping. Many guests talked about diving and the beautiful underwater world, so in February 2001 I became certified so I could talk to them about it. It began a passion that soon saw me transferred to the Dive Centre. By December 2001 I was a Dive Master, and in 2002 I was a part of the team that went out to discover the best sites and routes for the new Four Seasons Explorer cruises. I spent two years as Four Seasons Explorer’s first Dive Guide and, in 2003, became the first Dive Instructor from my home island (the neighbouring island of Bodu Huraa).

After the 2004 tsunami, I was relocated to Four Seasons Dallas, before returning to set up Kuda Huraa’s new Dive Centre. To this date, I have recorded over 7,000 dives and that number includes a 350-minute dive – my personal record. I still love seeing the happiness on guests’ faces when they come out of the water, particularly after their first dive. I pride myself on adapting to the learning pace of each individual and sharing the Kuda Huraa culture; it is a great team to be part of.”

To experience the unique service culture of Kuda Huraa, contact our Reservations team on reservations.mal@fourseasons.com or visit the website.






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