A shake-up of Tiki-meets-Tropical, Birds of Paradise, and Pina Mojitos all set to the ‘one love’ tunes of Bob and special guest: flute teen sensation, Suleiman.

20 December – 6 January
12:00 – 5:00 pm 

A place to meet and mingle with the movers and shakers of Maintown and revel in this year’s revolution-style, beachfront vibe. Snack on Baja-style Mahi-Mahi Tacos, Beef Empanadas, Tuna Poke Rice Bowl, Jerk Spiced Pulled Chicken Burger, Jackfruit Fritters and celebrate laid-back island living at its inspired, liberated best …


27 – 31 December
6:00 pm – Midnight

Gather every evening to celebrate the ‘power of the people’ and chill out to ‘one love’. Sip on Mojitos with a tropical twist, crafted to perfection by Mixologist Mauricio Allende – specially flown in from La Maison Du Whisky in Singapore for the festive period. And discuss the art of rolling and more with Cigar Aficionado, Yadie Dayana, of Dayana Tobacco, who will be in residence to talk shop and recommend the perfect Cuban, Dominican or Indonesian cigar for your enjoyment.

Café Landaa
20 December and 2 January
7:00 pm

Maintown’s diverse influx of settlers has resulted in a wonderfully enriched island community. This evening’s event celebrates the vibrant diversity of our Asian brotherhood, with a colourful twist – and even more colourful dancers. Vibrant street market stalls overflowing with Vietnamese and Thai Salads and Summer Rolls, Balinese ‘Babi Guling’ Pig and Satays, Canton Roasted Duck, Tom Yams, Wok Street preparations and Noodle Soups overseen by a flock of Balinese Garuda masks – a mythical human-like bird that symbolises strength and the courage to soar above all adversity. Come and taste the colour of freedom…


Café Landaa
22 & 28 December
7:00 pm

In the spirit of ‘one love’ and blissful union, this evening is inspired by Calcutta – Queen of the East and Tagore’s city of love and romance – and has all the ritual and celebration of a Bengali Hindu wedding! A sea of colour and fragrant storm of flower garlands awaits, complete with decorated rickshaws, our ‘Bangla Beat’ Dancers, and the harmonic highlight, Suleiman: flute wonder teen and winner of India’s Got Talent. The food is looking pretty dazzling too! Ignite your senses and inflame your liberated soul with a sweet and spicy blend of Calcutta’s trademark mustard flavours – the perfect complement for the area’s fish and seafood classics, tempting tandoors, spicy Jhals and jalfrezis, Bengali bhajia and biryanis, curries, Kolkotta Kathi Rolls and a whole lot more, accompanied by a procession of music, dance and all-round opulence.


Café Landaa & Blu
25 December
7:00 pm

There’s only one bird of paradise at this time of year: roast turkey! But in true revolutionary style, we’re bucking the norm in favour of an Italo-Caribbean twist… Taste the soul of Italy and the spirit of the Caribbean in Naples-born Chef Ciro’s delicious menu, served with warm festive flair: Crudo de Navidad; Black Truffle Raviolo; Handcarved Bird of Paradise with seared foie gras, rum-infused brioche and island berries; Mango & Guava Semifreddo and Churros con Cajeta.


Cafe’ Landaa
26 December & 4 January
7:00 pm

Travel to the tropics this evening for a celebration of island-inspired seafood – succulently sustained by our brothers of the sea and their bounteous catch. There’ll be flaming tiki torches, an easy breezy vibe, Rum Bar, and a hearty haul of delights from the deep: Whole Tuna fish ‘Tataki’ and Crudo station; Raw Bar and Sushi Boat; Tahitian Ceviche station; Ohana grilled prawn skewers; giant Creole paella pan and Huli Huli birds – all served with a side order of fun set to “battle-of-the-DJs” beats.


19 & 27 December and 3 January
7:00 pm

Uniquely celebrated in Maintown, The Night and The Lobster holiday is an ode to the energy-boosting benefits of the King of Crustaceans. Tonight’s beautiful menu is swimming with all things lobster, crafted with a creative Latin touch by Blu’s very own King of the Kitchen, Ciro. Loosen your belt for a delicious 5-course menu from Lobster Gazpacho-Carpaccio all the way to the flaming finale.


Blu Beach
29 December
7:00 pm

In the words of Roberto ‘Bob’ Marlito, whose ‘Legend’ we’ve flown in especially for an incredible guest appearance tonight: “We’re jammin’. Ain’t no rules, ain’t no vow. You can do it anyhow.”  Join us and the Roggiefarian musicians for a smokin’ hot Beach Reggae Party showcasing the very best of community feasting and fun. Seven beach shacks will be cooking up mouth-watering Caribbean classics: Achiote Roast Goat, an All Jamaican Barbecue, Smoke Jerk Chicken, Fish Fritters & Plantain Chips, Port Antonio Oxtail Stew, Cray Fish Curry, Jamrock Salad Bar, and much more.Rum-flambéed fruits, Bob Marley Shots, sharing tables, steel pan vibes, and the incredible Marley-esque beats of our live band, Legend, complete the ‘one love’ Jamaican Jammin’ vibe.


Fuego & Poolside
6 January
7:00 pm

So the story goes … word of the Pineapple Revolution reached Eastern European shores a week after the epic event. Liberated legends themselves, Father Frost and his Snow Maiden travelled to the equator for a very special tropical Sochelnik. It just goes to show the universal power of ‘one love’… Join us for a feast of ocean fresh catches, prime grilled cuts and classic Russian delights including Borscht “Nazdarovie”, Varadero Vareniki, Siberian Salmon Coulibiac, Griddled Blinis, a Caviar & Raw Bar and a Kalua Pig – smoothly accompanied by live music from WIREZ.






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