Take your first underwater breaths with us

You’re heading to the Maldives: isn’t it time you cast your fears aside …? Yes, we’re talking to you! Stop telling yourself you’ll come to the surface too quickly, that you’ll feel claustrophobic, that sea life is scary…  There’s no way we’re going to let anything bad happen – in fact, we can almost guarantee you’ll have the experience of a lifetime!

But seriously: as experts in our field we know that fear and exhilaration are closely aligned emotions and that often all it takes to kick your concerns to the curb and embrace the magic of the moment is the reassurance that everything really is going to be OK.

Our caring, multilingual dive instructors are experts at helping allay fears and holding guests’ hands every step of the way (literally if need be!) to ensure they feel safe.

There are few people more passionate about the underwater world than our dive team – and they’re on a mission to help everyone experience it for themselves. You don’t have to be a natural water baby:  all you need is a desire to experience the underwater world and our team will go out of their way to ensure you achieve your goal, no matter what it takes!

There’s a course for every level: from Seal Team kids’ diving (from 8 years +) and Discover Scuba Diving (theory briefing, shallow water practice and one controlled ocean dive up to 12m) to Open Water Diver (a 4-day course and your ticket to a lifetime of underwater adventure; you can even do some of the prep from home to minimise your time spent studying while you’re on-site).

Our team knows all the best nooks and crannies of the 40 dive sites easily accessible from Kuda Huraa, as well as the many stunning spots in Landaa Giraavaru’s UNESCO waters, and will soon be immersing you in a spectacular world of thilas, channels, overhangs and wrecks, manta rays, white and black tip sharks, green and hawksbill turtles, sting and eagle rays, snappers, tuna, sweet lips, barracuda, angel fish, Nemos and Dorys galore.

And if you’d rather just stay in the shallows and soak up the sites where you can still stand, that’s fine too. We’re here for you to make your dive experience the best it can be. Trust us: you’ve got this.

To plan your rookie dive at Kuda Huraa contact our Diving team on dive.mal@fourseasons.com
To plan your rookie dive at Landaa Giraavaru contact our Diving team on dive.mlg@fourseasons.com



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