Architecture, accents & ambience of Four Seasons Private Island

Conceived as a natural extension of its Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve location – an area recognised for its unique harmony between man and nature – Four Seasons Private Island synchronises style and simplicity, sophistication and scenery.

Designed to reflect the travels, temperament and trinkets of an international globetrotter, the private island residence takes each exclusive-use booking on a global ‘voyage of discovery’ through hand-selected details that enhance the unassuming ‘at home’ vibe.

Harmonic Hospitality: Voavah’s buildings and facilities were designed around the island’s existing natural elements – from its vast shallow ‘swimming pool’ lagoon on the western side to its established foliage – to honour and protect the raw site. Surrounded by ocean, the design largely revolves around the water and, with such spectacular views, walls of sliding windows feature wherever possible.

“By working with Voavah’s existing beauty, the layout and design effectively revealed itself,” comments Cedric Jaccard of Asia-based boutique design consultancy, Avalon Collective. “The Beach House hub is contained in the centre of the island, opening onto the spectacular natural lagoon, around which the rest of the design took shape. By restricting the rest of the accommodations to the edges, we were able to leave the island largely untouched, heightening the sense of guests having their own island to explore.”

Purposefully Pure: Elementary in their elegance, Voavah’s interiors don’t compete with Mother Nature’s magnificence.  Instead they unite with her: the neutral colour palette and lack of walls extend ‘inside to outside’, while a mix of natural materials (copper, leather and rattan) and wood (rosewood, mahogany, ebony and teakwood) create texture and ever-changing shadows as they dance with the sun.  In keeping with the island’s conservation-mindedness, the use of protected and rare natural materials such as mother of pearl and corals has been avoided.

‘Voyage Of Discovery’ Details: The multi-sensory, globally-inspired design experience extends from the use of carefully considered natural resources to a unique selection of artifacts gathered from Asia and beyond.  The result is an enticing and eclectic ‘at-home’ feel, with key pieces to draw the eye and steal the heart.

The Beach House is accented with Arabic influences. A swinging day bed for 6 surrounded by extra large sofas encourages communal lounging. Ornate latticework walls embedded with LED lights and candles make for atmospheric evenings, while the lack of walls allows for unrestricted views and a strong connection to the surrounding nature.

Isolated in the middle of the lagoon, The Water Villa feels distinctly Southeast Asian with its high-backed ‘Peacock’ chairs and woven fishing baskets from Malaysia and Vietnam fashioned into lamps and side tables.

The Ocean of Consciousness Spa features artifacts that enhance the marine concept and connect to the Indian Ocean, from an ornate Rajasthani mirror to large nautical carvings. Simple yet mystical, the spa design encourages the mind to free from its confines and embrace a place of higher consciousness.

The Three-bedroom Beach Villa is beautifully understated, with large open spaces and extreme ocean views on three sides to create a true sense of remoteness. No distant islands mar the perfect ocean views, including the endless vistas from the large bathtub in the master bathroom. Unique touches such as the sundeck submerged in the pool enable maximum ocean-inspired relaxation and repose.

Marine-inspired wall-art: Across the island, an eclectic array of wall-art, gathered from international travels throughout China, India, Bali and Thailand, centre on the ocean, largely inspired by Four Seasons Resorts Maldives conservation projects: a large ceramic bas-relief of turtles; an intriguing abstract piece comprising cable ties fashioned into coral shapes to reflect the creation process of the Resorts’ coral reef regeneration project (which uses cable ties to attach the coral fragments to coral frames to ‘build’ new coral reefs); and beautiful carvings of octopi, swordfish, starfish and more.


To embark on your own design-led voyage of discovery at Four Seasons Private Island, contact or call +960 66 00 888.




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