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An uprising of drummers, a tropical tree-lighting ceremony, victory-plotting feasts, and liberation treats – 2017’s highlights are revolutionary in all senses of the word! » Read More

Join the football ‘Pineapple Kicking Cup’, admire the liberated skies with our star gazer, enjoy the music of the revolution, and win big with our end-of-year sticker game » Read More

A shake-up of Tiki-meets-Tropical, Birds of Paradise, and Pina Mojitos all set to the ‘one love’ tunes of Bob and special guest: flute teen sensation, Suleiman. » Read More

Create your liberation adventures and pineapple-overthrowing tales – day and night. Unforgettable fun for mini revolutionaries of all ages… » Read More

Liberate body and mind at the Spa & Ayurvedic Retreat; go underground – and underwater – with our dive team; or embark on a Tropicana Yacht Adventure… » Read More

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